Master Prompt List

Prompts – Updated periodically

  1. Silk
  2. The garden was overgrown now
  3. This is the way spring came
  4. “This is how my heart was broken.”
  5. The worst possible memory they have
  6. One of their most difficult battles [For non-combatant characters: One of their most challenging moments]
  7. A humorous memory
  8. Their occupation/profession
  9. The memory of the first time they met the first person they loved [If non-applicable: the same, but for their best friend
  10. Summer
  11. Winter
  12. A time when a friendship was tested
  13. One of their greatest achievements
  14. H/She took a deep breath.
  15. H/She wept
  16. Sleepless
  17. Longing
  18. And yet nothing has changed.
  19. Letting off steam
  20. You need to stop running now.
  21. Maybe this is what I want.
  22. Out of Time
  23. “There’s something you should know, in case I don’t come back.”
  24. I have things that may interest you.
  25. Bite hard
  26. Bloody nose
  27. Just yesterday morning
  28. What is happening to me?
  29. How the character relates to their own race ∞
  30. You’ve been quiet.
  31. Wind
  32. Rain
  33. Hobbies
  34. Religion
  35. “I knew I was doomed the moment I said yes.”
  36. A figure at the edge of the woods.
  37. The tree is very old.
  38. It had no eyes.
  39. Sometimes memories are the worst form of torture
  40. Paralyzing fear
  41. Alone, finally
  42. Sated
  43. Sweat
  44. It’s easy to dream.
  45. I’ll become a hunter.
  46. It’s just a kiss.
  47. Turning into silence
  48. Disappearing
  49. After Hours
  50. We All Fall
  51. Sell your soul and change your life.
  52. Choose your past
  53. I used to love somebody like you
  54. “Yes, but did it work?”
  55. Debauchery
  56. Element
  57. Berserk
  58. Legion
  59. Communion
  60. I had nothing of value
  61. Let them live their lives
  62. It’s ancient
  63. Would you like to watch?
  64. Character A wants to surprise Character B but they may need some help.
  65. Characters have their first serious conflict as a couple.
  66. Characters are hosting a party.
  67. Characters celebrate their anniversary.
  68. Character A feels sad and calls Character B.
  69. An ex reappears in one of the Characters’ life.
  70. “I’m gong to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.”
  71. “So why did I have to punch that guy?”
  72. So what if I broke my arm I’m still doing it.”
  73. “Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2am?”
  74. “I’m like 75% sure this won’t explode on us.”
  75. He is not what he seems/She is not what she seems
  76. Watch the stars
  77. 7 Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride
  78. You could have saved me.
  79. Dreams are used as currency
  80. Do you want to keep it?
  81. Let’s do it together.
  82. Character interacts with: Their best friend
  83. Character interacts with: A curious old lady
  84. Character interacts with: A unicorn
  85. Do as the witch tells you.
  86. There were many lies.
  87. What would your character do to: disappear?
  88. What would your character do to: avoid an arrest?
  89. Who do you work for?
  90. Birth
  91. Inspired
  92. Rage
  93. Character is about to bring their new baby home when they start to worry about being ready.
  94. Winning a bet
  95. Today, your character uncovers a secret.
  96. Mistaken identity
  97. Fire
  98. A game of cards
  99. A false smile
  100. A near miss
  101. Leather bound
  102. “Who are you?”
  103. Lost at sea
  104. Drowning
  105. It’s already begun.
  106. Tell me about the owner.
  107. You have to prove it.
  108. These aren’t mine.

Completed Prompts

  1. She studied her face in the mirror.
  2. Colors
  3. A small mound of stones.
  4. “What I found under the snow.”
  5. Nearest book. Page 51. First line of last paragraph. Use to start scene.
  6. A memory linked to their occupation/profession
  7. How the character relates to their own race (Sesha)
  8. Obsession
  9. Committing a crime
  10. We have something in common.
  11. “That’s gonna leave a mark.”
  12. Getting dressed
  13. This will be the last time.
  14. An overheard remark
  15. Your characters first time drinking/doing drugs.
  16. He woke to birdsong.
  17. “I did the right thing.”
  18. I have a smile for every occasion.
  19. “After the door shuts and the footsteps die…”
  20. Not everything has to mean something.
  21. “My life is made up of seconds…”
  22. What does the music tell you?
  23. A book infested with ghosts.
  24. “Don’t change for me. Don’t change for anyone.”
  25. Only Human
  26. Forgotten shore
  27. Very few are left
  28. It was the first snowfall of the year.
  29. There are things you just can’t escape
  30. Shallow breath
  31. A winter holiday
  32. He/She knows the right people
  33. In dreams
  34. They came back every year to lay flowers at the spot
  35. Can you see yourself for what you are?
  36. Characters go out together
  37. Images are blurred
  38. He walked on the bridge of brittle bones
  39. “Please stop petting the test subjects.”
  40. A memory related to their occupation 2 – The Best Pancakes in Town
  41. “As if this was actually going to work.”
  42. Character A takes care of Character B when they are sick.
  43. Only Human – From another perspective
  44. Midnight Air
  45. A dream changes everything
  46. The air smelled of the coming storm
  47. Everybody knows…
  48. Why do you keep pretending?
  49. “You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen.”
  50. Everybody Knows – Remix (Same prompt/different universe)
  51. The Last 12 Hours – Special Prompt
  52. The Nightmare Scenario
  53. Episode 52 – Clipshow (One Year Anniversary Prompt)
  54. Star Crossed
  55. Their childhood
  56. This is what I dreaded.
  57. “I trust your judgement.”
  58. You don’t need to be honest with me.
  59. A sharp cut
  60. I was the first
  61. What if things had happened differently? First Snowfall
  62. “I will lie to you.”
  63. 7 Deadly Sins – Wrath (Seibel)
  64. 7 Deadly Sins – Greed (Robin)
  65. 7 Deadly Sins – Pride (Xavior)
  66. 7 Deadly Sins – Envy (Sesha)
  67. 7 Deadly Sins – Sloth (Kestrel)
  68. Same character/same world/different time
  69. 7 Deadly Sins – Lust (Crescent)
  70. Describe character twice

Special Prompts



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